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Use of bracket for intervention on the roof. For operations lasting more than 5 days a level underneath must be prepared for safety.

Solution for intervention on the outside of railing for a balcony by using the inner plane.

Example of a continuation of the cantilevered scaffold with the use of shelves 80 cm and 80X200CM struts for shelves from galvanized steel.


Prefabricated bush scaffolding
is a standard prefabricated scaffolding where components are hooked by using bushes. It is a standard site system, quick and easy to assemble. It is a built in  scaffolding in which the elements can be used indifferently for each model to match all the base modules provided.
The width of 72 cm is useful for residential and industrial maintenance (Italy). Its maximum capacity is 150 kg/m2 on the most loaded surface with spacing between frames of 250 and 300 cm.
The width of 105 cm is usable for works of maintenance and civil and industrial construction.
The maximum capacity is 300 kg/m2 on the most loaded surface, with spacing between frames of 180 cm and 250 cm.

Work process


the scaffolding is particularly suitable for construction and maintenance works

 cost effective and and easy to install for every application requirement

a temporary aluminium guardrail is available for the safe assembly of scaffolding
without having to use uncomfortable personal protection equipment against falls 

 it is available galvanized or painted.


• portal frame
• steel pipes for uprights with ø 48.3 mm and 3.2 mm thick
• steel pipes for uprights and diagonals with ø 38 mm and 2.00 mm thick for spacing of 250 and 300 cm
• steel pipes for uprights and diagonals with ø 26.9 mm and 2.3 mm thick for spacing of 180 cm
• painting by immersion or hot galvanization

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111, Garibaldi Square, 33033 Codroipo UD Italy
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