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Multidirectional Scaffolding


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Multidirectional Scaffolding

  • it is a modular system that consists of clever modular components
  • there is a full range of accessories to meet any needs on site in any field
  • no wooden elements are needed, toe-boards and working planks are made by galvanized steel and no maintenance is needed
  • multidirectional system has a considerably high load bearing capacity, hence needs material savings and is overall lighter than other systems to handle



— the light weight of the components is a big advantage where manual transportation over long distances is involved
— the system is simple, fast and intuitive: the installation and dismantling operations are very quick
— MDS structures may be used instead of any other system of shoring and supporting towers
— the multidirectional system represents the perfect combination between the productivity of the frame scaffolding and universal flexibility of the tube and fitting system
— it can be also combined with other scaffolding systems (as prefabricated frames scaffolding, increasing productivity and cost-efficiency
— a temporary aluminium guardrail is available for collective fall protection during the scaffolding erection and dismantling— the multidirectional scaffolding has been tested and approved as a scaffolding system designed in several configurations, according to national and international standards
— the hot dip galvanizing of each component assures guarantees the longevity of the system.




The typical configurations, complying with in the ministerial approval, have scaffolding bay width of 83 cm or 115 cm with bay lengths respectively up to 250 and 300 cm.

MAIN Characteristics 

Steel tubes steel ø 48.3 mm with wall thickness 3.2 mm


The design load is 150 kg/m2 (maintenance) for the 83 cm and 300 kg/m2 (construction) for the 115, according to the approval’s patterns. There are several other measures available, any reticular spatial structure can be achieved.


A wide range of components and solutions allows to create structures capable of meeting all requirements in terms of design and load bearing capacity. 


It can be used for maintenance and construction in each sector of activity.

 Our role is to provide an efficient and safe service for big projects from IDEA to delivery.







Work process

Scaffolding is an integral part of almost all construction projects and has been used ever since the first structures were built.



We contributed in design and construction of commercial and residential buildings, shopping malls, infrastructural and industrial projects in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Cyprus, Libya, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other countries.



We  invest in people and the future for comfortable work and life.
Quality, professionalism, reliability, and innovation are the key values of the company.




We create innovative solutions based on customer requirements and their own experience, guarantees full and timely partner support, optimization of costs and delivery time, high-quality project implementation



We earned the trust of production leaders and construction companies thanks to a big experience in equipment supply, turnkey projects, logistics and costs optimization, and created a wonderful partners network in Europe, Asia, Africa and CIS countries.


  • straight and curved facades service scaffolding— accesses and stairways for site or public use
  • suspended and cantilevered structures
  •  birdcages and loading bays
  • shoring structures

  •  supporting towers also for heavy loads with tower— mobile towers on wheels
  • temporary structures as sheds
  • stages and grandstands
  • lighting and FOH towers

  •  support tower
  •  load carrying platforms
  •  service stairs for work site

  •  structure for slab support
  •  circular scaffolding
  •  structure with temporary aluminium covering

  • Specific load carrying scaffolding with staggered levels, useful to supply the different floors of the building with construction and finishing materials and various equipment, can be realized using the multidirectional system.
  • They are designed so that the load lifted by a crane is placed on the unloading platform at the level of the desired floor and then moved inward the building. It is essential to ensure that the displacement of areas is performed so that the crane can place the load without obstacle.
  • The platforms can be carried out with a different number of areas, measures and capacities, for example may have a size of 2.50×2.50 m with an operating load up to 500 kg/m2.



service stairs

In order to ensure easier and safer accesses, instead of using access decks with trapdoor and rung ladder available only to workers, with  this system and  some additional components and accessories different solutions of service  stairs can be implemented.  Using service stairs made by aluminium ramps or steel stringers with  scaffolding steel decks accesses are available both for transportation of material and small equipment and for site inspections by personnel not involved in the work. Also stairways for public accesses can be achieved.Access stairs can be directly connected to the scaffolding or be  directly anchored to the building, as independent structures. The standard bay length of the ramps is 250 cm, the other dimensions depend  on the typology and its purpose; for example, the typical dimensions in plan of the stair with aluminum platform are 150×250 cm and the clearance height between level is 200 cm as for the scaffolding.  A simpler solution is to build a climbing stair leaning against the facade scaffolding that uses the scaffolding floor as a landing.  A service stair sized 300×550 cm and spacing of 200 cm and landings of 150×150 cm is the perfect solution to access the site by personnel with bulky equipment and and safety personnel for passage of a possible stretcher.  

With the multidirectional system it is possible to build also stairs open to the public for the civil sector (entertainment, sporting events, various events) that comply with the safety standards of the sector.


FOR various events

Single pitch covering system, practical and easy to be assembled, consisting of modular beam in aluminium and sheet in PVC for entertainment and events. The modular structure of the covering, which can be combined with the multidirectional system, is used to fasten the lighting and sound systems and is used as a covering of the stage against the weather. The covering is lifted by a motor winch or manually in case of coverings with small dimensions. The structure with a single pitch can be cantilevered to protect tribunes, flight steps and stages with the addition of a supplementary beam for the connection to multidirectional wall.

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111, Garibaldi Square, 33033 Codroipo UD Italy
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